1920 In the 1920s, the French Government sold 7.000 hectares of land to the Belgian Group COPPEE for 1 symbolic franc on condition that it should be cleared from all World war I shells and made cultivable again. SIAS  (Société Industrielle et Agricole de la Somme) is founded by COPPEE.
1965 Part of the land is expropriated to create Charles de Gaulle Airport. COPPEE decides to invest the cash in a new activity ; a spin off is made with SIAS dealing with real estate and  sugar activities while SIAS MPA (Matière premières Alimentaires) starts the business of fruit preparation in Mitry-Mory, in a former sugar factory.
1981 SIAS MPA having invested in several countries (Germany, USA, Mexico), a new spin-off is decided : SIAS MPA becomes a financial holding, in charge of continuing the Global expansion and controlling the different business units. A new company is created, SIAS FRANCE, in charge of producing Fruit preparations for the French and export markets.
1982 PERNOD-RICARD, the French leader in alcoholic drinks, buys the SIAS MPA group, already by far worldwide leader in fruit preparations from COPPEE. The global expansion is accelerated.

many important changes are made to the corporate structure:
May 23rd: SIAS MPA Holding is acquired through a L.B.O. (Leverage Buy out) by the French Capital Venture Fund: Butler Capital Partners (BCP).
June 1st: SIAS MPA changes its name to ATYS and SIAS France becomes ATYS France.

2004 takeover agreements signed by BCP, in which management will be progressively turned over to AGRANA, a leading Austrian food company.
2006 AGRANA is 100% shareholder of the former ATYS Group. AGRANA merges all its Fruit prep activities (ATYS, STEIEROBST and DSF) in one AGRANA Fruit preparation Division. ATYS France becomes AGRANA Fruit France.
2010 AGRANA signs a joint venture agreement with the Egyptian company Nile Fruits. The company AGRANA Nile Fruits is managed by AGRANA Fruit France teams.