AGRANA Nile Fruits SAE -Usine Caire


AGRANA Nile Fruits SAE (en cours de constitution)

Obour City, Industrial Zone (A)

Block n°13019 Qalioubia, Egypte

+202 44810271; +202 44810272; +202 44810273

+202 44810274

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International contacts

Austria Juice

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Contact AGRANA Feed

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Contact AGRANA Food Starches

Food starches and saccharification products

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Contact AGRANA Organic Starch Products

Organic Starch Products

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Contact AGRANA Paper Starches

Starches - Paper and Corrugated

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Contact AGRANA Technical Starches

Technical Starches and Specialities - Construction, Textile, Glues, Bioplastics

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Contact AGRANA Cosmetic Starches

Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Starches

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Heiko Lau

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Kai Antonius

Sales Director - Flavours

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Peter Hennebichler

Corporate Sales

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